Get It Done
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Get it Done is a programme designed using a mix of the high to low and low to high weight or rep pyramid structure. Starting the exercise at the upper end of your strength ability and either reducing the reps or weight every set creates a high rep workout, however, the sets are back-to-back without rest! This high repetition training session will keep your muscles working continuously, thus causing muscle endurance and probably fatigue. This is a great aerobic/anaerobic workout which can burn fat and increase muscle strength and size. The exercises have been chosen to provide a full body workout using all the primary muscle groups, with the sequencing switching from upper to lower body where required.

The Programme

12 exercises | 6-8 sets per exercise | varied reps per set | Time: 60-85 mins | Ability: Intermediate/Advanced


These workouts are very challenging and should be approached with care. The times and targets are suggestions and should only be attempted if you are physically fit and healthy.┬áPlease do not attempt these challenges if you are not of the ability rating stated above. If you are unsure about attempting these challenges please feel free to consult your trainer, physician/doctor to attain a professional opinion as to whether you are physically able to complete the challenge. Remember, stay hydrated, only do what you are comfortable doing and first and foremost, listen to your body and don’t over excert yourself. 1HUNDY take no responsibility for the outcome of your decision to attempt these challenges. By attempting these challenges you do so of your own volition and by attempting them you automatically take full responsibility for your own actions and agree that 1HUNDY bear no responsibility nor will they be held accountable/liable towards the outcome.

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