The Brand

Brand - 1HUNDY

1HUNDY is a brand that has one simple message, give 100% to whatever you are doing. Success is only achieved when you give absolutely everything you have; effort, dedication, discipline, concentration, focus, drive and determination.


1HUNDY was designed and created through a life long desire to produce a meaningful brand in the sports and fitness industry. It portrays the very meaning of what is needed to achieve results at every level of fitness. It provides a constant reminder to whomever wears it, giving anything less than ‘1HUNDY’ is not an option!!!

Colour & Style

At 1HUNDY we are aware that everyone likes different colours and styles of branding. So we have designed two variations of branding with multiple colour variations, each signifying an important element of fitness. The range is designed to remind you of your goals and refocus your mind to achieving them.

Design & Creativity

At 1HUNDY we have a long history of creativity, design and industry insight. Our creativity is based upon understanding trends, in-depth knowledge and  extensive experience in what we do. Our designs are reviewed and tested by a cross section of consumers as well as a wide demographic of people. We review and react to the feedback and based upon our findings we produce our final designs.

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